New Lessons: Master 3D Environments in Blender

New Arctic Chapter Added!

In chapter 4 we explored the A.N.T. landscape add-on and in chapters 5 & 6 we dived into the node-based workflows. Now, in the new chapter of the Master 3D Environments in Blender course, it's time to combine these approaches and add a new tool to your arsenal - sculpting!

Chapter 7 will teach you how to utilize A.N.T. to generate a base mesh, use texture-based sculpting to add details on it and finally, use the node-based shading methods to create a snow-ice material blend. On top of it, I will of course breakdown my final scene, its rendering and compositing. You will also learn how to make a neat translucent water volume!

All in all we added almost 1 hour of new content to the course.

Here are the newlessons of Chapter 9: