New Lessons: Master 3D Environments in Blender

The first 7 lessons have just landed in chapter 10 of Master 3D Environments in Blender! That means 42 minutes of new tutorial content.

In it, we will be focusing on creating a polar landscape filled with tree particles. For the landscape we will use techniques and assets we already created in chapter 4 and 8. If you did not go through those lessons, don't worry, you can just download all the assets from chapter 10 project files appended to the lessons.

A very important part of the chapter is a workflow to convert your 3D trees into 2D particles on planes. That will significantly speed up rendering and allow for thousands and even millions of tree in your scenes.

Here are the NEW lessons of Chapter 10:

Next week, you can expect new lessons detailing how to create the colorful Aurora Borealis on the scene's sky...