New Chapter: Cubic Worlds Course

New character creation and rigging chapter has been added!

We added 22 new lessons (3.5 hours of new content) to the Cubic Worlds course for Blender. This is the first chapter of "Part 2 - Characters & Machines" of the course.

In the new chapter, you will learn how to create human characters by using a base character as foundation. We will dive into rigging this character by learning everything important about the armature object, bones, constraints and drivers.

In the second part of the chapter, you will learn how to model a dog, and fully rig it, by using the human character rig as foundation.

Here are the newlessons of chapter 7:

We also added the new chapter to the download section of the course, which you can access hereThe total size of the new chapter is 4.82 GB in high quality, and 2.25 GB in medium quality.

Course Finished: Master 3D Environments in Blender

Last lessons added! Vegetation & Add-ons Chapters

It is done! The Master 3D Environments Course, the way it has been envisioned by Martin a year ago, is now finally finished. All the lessons are available, and you can watch them at your leisure. 

The newest among them are focused on building your own tree and vegetation library, using free add-ons and assets. And while the assets you'll get are high-quality, they are also expensive to render in their 3D form. That's why you'll also learn how to put such 3D assets (deciduous trees in our case) onto 2D planes and make them look somewhat 3D, using just texture nodes and shading tricks.

And though this course has always been structured so that you are not required to buy any expensive products, we are by no means against using add-ons. That's why Martin added Chapter 16, where he focuses on various paid tools he uses most often, to speed up his 3D environment workflows.

To make the add-ons a bit more accessible, we've added special CG Boost discounts to a lot of them.

A total of 81 minutes of lessons has been added, finalizing the course's length at 12 hours!

Here are the newlessons of Chapter 14:

Here are the new lessons of Chapter 16:

New Chapter Finished: Master 3D Sculpting in Blender

New backpack sculpting videos and download section have been added!

We added 7 new lessons (over 1 hour of new content) to chapter 6 "Cute Creature Details", of the Master 3D Sculpting in Blender course update. This chapter is now complete.

In the new lessons, we will create a backpack for the creature, using the new cloth tools in sculpt mode.

In the upcoming chapter, we will dive into posing, coloring, lighting and rendering the creature, to have a final render, which we can share with the world.

Here are the NEWlessons of chapter 6:

We also updated the download section for this course, for a better download experience and smaller file sizes.

  • One Section: Instead of heaving the download section for each chapter separate, we now added all into one download section.
  • Smaller File Size: We reduced the course download size to 19.2 GB, with the 2k video quality.
  • Low Resolution Videos (optional): If 19.2 GB is still too much, we also added the videos in a slightly lower resolution (1080p), which reduces the full course download size to 11 GB.

You can find the new download section here

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